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What you can buy for under a buck?

I was perusing the blogosphere this morning and came across this article from called “What Can You Buy for $1 These Days?” I had to snicker to myself, because I was one of the thousands who had snarled up recently when I downloaded Lady Gaga’s latest album for 99 cents.

The easy answer is that you can’t buy a lot of under a buck these days. And as my father will tell you, even the dollar menu at Wendy’s is pretty darn misleading because everything that’s worth eating is actually $1.09. But this article had good food for thought … read it and let me know what YOU buy for under a buck on a regular basis.

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1 thought on “What you can buy for under a buck?

  1. Only two things come to mind here in Sydney Australia, the Daily Telegraph I am pretty sure is still a dollar Monday to Friday and choc top icecreams at Hungry Jacks

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