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Thankful that I have a credit card

When I started my new job, I was given the opportunity to apply for a credit card. Technically, the card is “through” my company – i.e., anything that I charge on it can be automatically transferred to my expense report and it provides other discounts and benefits through some vendors we typically utilize. However, at the end of the day, er, billing cycle, the bill comes to me. Not the company.

When I first got my employment packet and saw the credit card offer, I staunchly told my husband that I didn’t need a credit card and that I wasn’t going to apply. I changed my mind when I had to book my second trip to Denver a little over a month after I had taken the first trip. And I don’t care if I fly economy and try to find hotel deals … business travel is spendy. So I applied for the card, it’s in my wallet and it’s for business expenses.

I have to fly out to Denver next week for a meeting. I booked airfare, hotel and rental car yesterday afternoon. There was no panic as to whether I had enough money in my checking account to cover a plane ticket, no panic that we’re staying at a swank hotel …

Don’t get me wrong – my pat answer to clerks who try to entice me with store credit cards is a firm but friendly “no” – but a little bit of wiggle room is still appreciated in my life.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful that I have a credit card

  1. haha….Thanks God there is such a thing call credit card and we don’t have to worry about if our pocket have enough money or not…but beware don’t over use it or you will have a deep finance trouble, my friend. 🙂

  2. Peter – trust me – I am well aware of the financial pitfalls that are associated with credit cards. It’s why I write this blog. 🙂 This is the first credit card I’ve had in about five years and it’s only for business purposes only. I get reimbursed for all business expenses that are incurred on this card and plan to pay this card off in full every month. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer!

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