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Home improvements = money

We’re going to call this the “ultimate Diet Coke break.” I’m sitting here in my home office and looking out the window at the hunky guys who are taking down trees in my backyard.

As much as the scenery is appreciated, the removal of an overgrown, dying pine tree and an annoying walnut tree (along with stump removal of a lilac that my mother-in-law and I removed last summer), is costing a pretty penny. But we’re paying cash and regaining a HUGE part of our back yard as a result. (Although as I watch them chuck walnut branches around in our backyard, and into my ornamental garden, I’m beginning to worry how much repair work we might have to do!) 🙂

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only home expenses that we’ve been incurring lately. After three years of working marvelously, our dryer decided to start misbehaving. I checked the vent to make sure there wasn’t a bunch of lint clogging it up and after seriously contemplating some DIY work, I decided to call in the pros. They are coming tomorrow to fix the dryer.

I know that the frugal thing to do is to utilize the clothesline (which will now be unobstructed by trees and the potential for bird poo missiles!) and we will (right now we’ve been using dryer racks to dry our clothing), but we would need to fix the dryer anyway.

All of this costs money, but with the new job, we’re able to be OK with the cost of home improvements.

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1 thought on “Home improvements = money

  1. Reminds me of the time last year when we had about 10 trees taken out from our back yard. We had to pay to have them removed and then it took away the shade for our house so we had to install new, more efficient windows!

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