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You would think that since I work from home, I’d have more time to blog about my frugal life (I save $50 a week by not commuting to a job! Woo!), but to be honest – last week was one of the fastest weeks of my life and I have no clue where the heck that it went, let alone tell you how the middle of June is nearly upon us. I’ll write more about some of the things that are going on in my life – a combined checking account with the husband, how weird it is adjusting to only getting paid bi-monthly, etc., but for the moment I just wanted to say hello. Hi. I’m sorry that it’s been awhile since we’ve corresponded via blog.

And here’s a couple of articles that piqued my interest today as I was taking a mental health/lunch break from my crazy Monday:

Easy & Green DIY Produce Bags – I keep talking about how I want to reduce my carbon footprint and how I get annoyed with plastic produce bags. (They multiply like bunnies, I tell you.) This looks easy and do-able. Also, if any of you guys are Ikea aficionados like me, you’ll recognize that the towels used in the demo are from Ikea. And my husband will recognize them from our kitchen. See honey? We have moments of being trendy.

Tomorrow is World Blood Donor Day 2011 and one of my favorite columnists Donna Freedman wrote this column about “sharing a pint with someone you don’t know.” I cannot underplay the importance of donating blood. To be honest, I am usually drained (no pun intended) after I give blood, but it is one of the littlest things that I can do for people. It keeps me from getting another tattoo (that’s not frugal, I know) and it takes about an hour of my time every 56 days. Also, I have O Negative blood and it lacks some typical antigens that other blood donors possess, so I feel like a fracking rock star every time the nurses coo over how great my blood is. I even have the letter that the Mayo Clinic sent me that extols the virtues of my blood and have hung it on my fridge like a four-year-old seeking praise for coloring within the lines.

There you go. I may be working from home, but I’m still random and ridiculous. I’ll write more soon, I promise. Happy June and Happy Monday, my dear friends.

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