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I had a quick little frugal moment yesterday that I wanted to share. Literally, as it was happening, the thought in my head was “I will have to tell my DR101 peeps about this!” (I’m kind of nerdy like that.)

Anyway – it was the silliest thing that happened. I have an aversion to hamburger buns – I like them on their own, but if I’m eating a hamburger off the grill (or anywhere for that matter), I really do not need a big ‘ol hunk of bread to take away from my burger.

And of course, when I think of hamburger buns, I think of this clip from “Father of the Bride”:

Superfluous buns

Anyway – on a recent grocery shopping excursion, I found that my local Hyvee has a special basket in their bakery section that has “remnants” of baked goods – i.e., only need four hamburger buns instead of the eight in the package? They will split up packages to give you exactly what you need. (The rest go into the “remnant” basket.) They even have a sign in their bakery section that lets the shopper know that they would be happy to split up bakery goods. So I did that … and although there wasn’t great cost savings associated with it, it keeps me from wasting food, which is always a good thing.

And of course, as I was perusing the Interwebs today, I found even more articles that revolved around this topic …

Yumsugar asks if readers bother with supermarket returns.

And the Kitchn shows this nifty trick for freezing individual portions of ground beef. Love it!

And of course, my favorite supermarket frugality hack comes from my own mother-in-law … her Hyvee has a policy that if you are charged the wrong price on an item, you take your receipt to customer service and get your money back and the item for free. It pays to check your receipts …

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