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Two major things have happened in my life recently that I’d like to share with you all:

One – I had over 900 emails in my personal email box. Thanks to the wonder that we call “Google,” I was able to archive all of them and start with a clean slate. My oh my that felt divine. And now, to thwart temptation and to keep that clean inbox feeling, I’m taking care of emails as they come in and unsubscribing to all of the crap emails that I’ve found myself accumulating throughout the years. I’m feeling virtuous about that.

Two – After two years of marriage and almost four of cohabiting, my husband and I took the plunge and we’re finally sharing a checking account. Yes folks, we have merged our finances. While it will be easier in the long run, it is one of those developments that I have a bit of uncertainty about. I am so much better financially than I was in the olden days when credit card debt was something that I lived with and struggled against. I used to be one of those emotional shoppers – not so much anymore. But still – what I spend on groceries or at Target or wherever … this is a good mirror to hold up to my spending habits since I don’t want my husband grumping at me in regards to my lust for lunches from Panera Bread.

Change is in the air – as well as sunshine and balmy temperatures after a week of rainstorms here in Minnesota. I hope that all of you are having a good day!

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