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New frugal trick

It is dangerously hot out in Minnesota right now. Supposedly, the oppressive heat wave that the Midwest is under is supposed to let up after 1 a.m. tomorrow morning, but in the meantime there’s been no way around it. Our central air conditioning unit has been running continuously since the end of last week and although I’m not trying to recreate fall-like temperatures and we try to be reasonable about where we set our thermostat, I’m not going to lie – I am not looking forward to what our energy bill will be next month. The bright side in the thermostat game is that between central air and moving my laptop down to the basement, I think we’re saving some cents.

Even though it’s been unbearably hot, we’ve also had a few rainstorms that have come through our area, so at least we’re not spending extra money watering our garden, but that’s where my new frugal trick comes in. First off, this is the first summer that we’ve utilized the rain barrel that we bought last year and I love it. My husband installed it right before we had a slew of storms roll through the area and I’ve been using that water for my garden.

In the meantime, my in-laws clued me into a hint I had never thought of … saving the water from our dehumidifier for my garden and houseplants. Supposedly, plants will go nuts for this distilled water and since we’ve also been running our dehumidifier constantly this week, we’ve been emptying out about two gallons from the tank per day. Why waste this when you can save it?

Sometimes it’s the little things … 🙂

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