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I whined the other day about the impending price increase for Netflix. Even though I remember how much I used to spend renting movies, it’s kind of like the mindlessness of a monthly gym fee or any other monthly fees that a person has. You use it or you lose it.

My husband and I know this – but we’re not entirely sure what we’re doing just yet.

Here are a couple of articles I found this morning – one talks about some alternatives to Netflix, as well as an article that talks about getting more out of your Netflix subscription.

In the name of research (erm, there’s a new show on ABC that I have wanted to watch but haven’t …), I tried out Hulu last night. Hulu represents the major TV networks – ABC, NBC and Fox. It also has the occasional TV show from places like E! or USA Network. It’s also a nice alternative … and the basic service is free.

In the grand scheme of frugality, this is a pretty minor issue. But I’ve always wanted to be honest with you … I am so not perfect in this journey. My husband and I watch TV. In fact, during this heatwave, we’ve been going back and streaming SyFy’s “Battlestar Galactica” off of Netflix. He makes popcorn (cheap and tasty!) and we hang out in our basement. They are the cheapest and best date nights that we’ve had in some time.

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