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DIY Iced Coffee

I’m going to admit it … I’ve spent way too much money this summer on iced coffee from Starbucks. In my mind I have justified it as such … it’s cheaper than my usual venti caramel macchiato and because it’s simply coffee and ice, it has to be better for me. Right? Righ – erm, not so much.

Let’s go back to one of the things that I wrote: “Because it’s simply coffee and ice.” And there you have it folks – I have been spending $3 a pop on a combination of coffee and ice. That I could probably achieve by saving the cold coffee that’s leftover after the morning pot and dumping that over ice.

Alas – iced coffee isn’t that simple. But it’s not very difficult either. Dare I say it’s even easier, because beyond some mega-large containers to actually make the iced coffee base, you don’t need specialty equipment. No coffee maker necessary!

The Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite websites out there and here’s Ree’s recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee. It’s a little messy, but when I think about the money I’m going to save with the 2 gallons of iced coffee base that I have in my fridge versus making a Starbucks run, it was totally worth it.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Iced Coffee

  1. You might look up Paula Deen’s iced mocha recipe on the Food network site…it is very good…something like 3 cups coffee, 2 cups chocolate milk (I made my own), a tablespoon of chocolate syrup, and some brown sugar and the blender…serve it over ice. My husband doesn’t like coffee, but he liked this a lot!

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