Debt Reduction

Dribs, drabs and expenses

First and foremost … wow. Where did August go? My friends on Facebook are writing posts on their walls, talking about how its their kids’ first day of school and I sit here blinking, wondering where this summer went to.

Moving on!

My husband is the math/computer whiz of the family and he recently cobbled up a spreadsheet showing our income, expenses, etc., stretching out into next year. And my, oh, my – those numbers are looking mighty good, but a couple recent expenditures (we’re springing for new doors/gutters and other recent bills), made me take a good look at the spreadsheet today.

Email to husband: “Honey, what is the $400 placeholder for supplies?”
Email silence. I forgot that he had a work lunch today. So I logged onto our bank’s online account and started doing some math of my own.

The $400? Groceries and the other odds and ends that constitute as “supplies” in our household – i.e., toilet paper, toiletries, etc.

Needless to say, this ends NOW. I don’t care if I have to figure out a menu for the week, there is no reason why the grocery bill should be that high.

I rely on my husband a lot to keep an eye on things and he’s pretty damn amazing. However, I need to not take our budget for granted and I need to do my part to trim expenses and to scrutinize what’s coming out of my wallet.

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