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I want it NOW

I think that one of my biggest struggles with frugality is that when I want something, I wanted it yesterday. Patience has never been my strong suit as a person and while I’m aware of that and try to temper that in my life, it doesn’t make it easier when temptation strikes.

Luckily, temptation doesn’t come in the form of new TVs for me, expensive handbags or the latest technology. No – my vice is pure and simple: Books. I’m an ex-English major and I’ve been able to read since I was four years old. As a consequence, we have shelves full of books and in some cases, doubles of certain tomes since my husband and I went to the same college and took several of the same classes.

Here’s my current situation – I just started reading the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon. Luckily for me, she started writing in 1992 and there are a wealth of books available at my local library written by Ms. Gabaldon. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to finish the first one. The library has two copies of the second one and I’m on hold for it. And considering that one of the copies was due back at the library on July 27th, I’m getting mighty impatient for it. (C’mon fellow readers! You’ve had since, like, 1995 to read “Dragonfly in Amber!” It’s my turn!)

To be honest – I like Diana Gabaldon enough to eventually buy the “Outlander” series. (Ask my husband, I’m the kind of person who will read a book over and over again …), but I’m fighting the voice in my head that is whispering to just go BUY the second book, darn it!

Deep breath. There are other books out there and I have shown similar patience for other books that have had even longer wait lines (I’m looking at you Charlaine Harris and your installments of the Southern Vampire Mysteries.). Patience is a good thing …

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2 thoughts on “I want it NOW

  1. Oh grasshopper, convert your desire from “want it NOW” to “how can I get what I want for much cheaper”. Because she has been writing for a good long time, this could be a reason to check out the Goodwill or the used book store. Of course you would then really have to fight your addiction because I’m sure many, many other books will call your name …

  2. It is so funny that you said that … because I did go to my local Savers to find her books and yeah … I walked out with a few other ones that were calling my name. 🙂 But I absolutely agree with you … there are so many used book stores and online resources, why pay full price?

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