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Frugality: Not just for common folk

I’m going to stop short at saying that I’m obsessed, but I’m going to throw this out there: I enjoy reading stories about the British royalty. I am especially charmed by Prince William and his lovely wife Kate, erm, Catherine. (And I would love to hit a pub with Prince Harry – I’m just going to throw that out there …)

Anyway – I chalk these stories up to slow news days, but I am particularly delighted when the media notice that Kate Middleton is “recycling” an outfit that she wore previously. (And because her life is now captured in photos, they can even pinpoint the exact date when she wore something …) Here you can see Kate “recycling” a sweater! And here! The Prince and Princess like to go to the bargain cinema!

Hmmm … according to media standards, I’ve been recycling outfits since the late 1990s. God forbid that the people’s princess have a favorite shirt that she likes to wear more than once.

I am charmed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Do I think they are the most frugal people in the world? Oh heck no. But it’s nice to see “ordinary” touches in an “extraordinary” life.

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