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My reading roundup

Technically, there are still some days left of summer, but on this September day (even with 80 degree weather), I can feel fall in the air and I’m happy to greet it, because … well. Fall means blue jeans, crockpots of soup, crisp weather, my favorite sweater, quilts and even MORE coffee.

Fall also means a bit of slowing down for me … during the summer, my husband and I spend a lot of weekends traveling to see friends and family. We’re weekend road-trippers and this is the first weekend in a while where we didn’t have any plans that would take us out of state.

So I’ve spent my morning, coffee at my elbow, going through my Google Reader (over 1,000 articles unread … sigh!) and catching up. Here are some of the good things that I’ve read.

Becoming Minimalist has an article about “The Underappreciation of Rest in Today’s Society.” Considering that my BlackBerry doubles as my alarm clock and when I roll over in the middle of the night to check the time, I also check my email, I know EXACTLY what the writer is talking about when he writes that we live in a world where we’re constantly “on.”

My husband and I took advantage of Labor Day weekend to drive up to Lake Superior and at one point during our morning excursion to watch ships in the Canal Park area, I found myself twitching to check my email and was whipping out my BlackBerry. And that’s when I just turned it off. Keep in mind, I wasn’t always successful at keeping it off, but I realize that for the sake of a successful relationship (as well as my own sanity), there are times where I just need to not be available via technology.

Being Frugal had a great article recently about avoiding buyer’s remorse. And I had to laugh at her example regarding the last time that she had buyer’s remorse – it was lunch out at a diner. My husband and I have had that happen way too many times, to the point where we make most of our meals at home, eat cheap ($5 pizzas from Little Caesars) or splurge on special occasions at places where we KNOW that the food is good.

And this has nothing to do with frugality, but I had to laugh at this blog post from The Pioneer Woman and thought I’d leave you all on a light note.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend!

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1 thought on “My reading roundup

  1. I am with you and the fall weather, love it too. I am just not ready this year for it. Thanks the tip on buyers remorse!

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