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Eating on $30 a week …

If there is one thing that has struck me through my financial journey, it is that I need to be more mindful about what is spent for our household’s groceries. With that in mind, it is no wonder that this article on CNN struck my eye – especially its question: “Could you eat on $30 a week?”

The premise, of course, is that families on food stamps have about $30 a week to feed their families. It is quite the conundrum when you consider that you can spend ten cents on a package of ramen noodles while fresh produce is worth dollars per pound, depending on what you’re purchasing.

In this article, the author takes $30 and gets a week’s worth of groceries, staying within the parameters of the challenge she’s issued herself.

I thought the challenge was interested – the choices in food that she purchased even more so. Why did she spend over $4 for two chicken breasts when she could have likely bought a whole chicken on sale for less and had more protein to eat during the week? Why name brands when she could have bought some items in bulk and spent less overall?

However, I did appreciate her need for a brick of coffee. That, I can entirely get behind … (especially considering that a can of Folgers is still around $8 and I cheerfully forked that over on Sunday when I went grocery shopping. *Sips coffee* … aahhh!)

Stories like this remind me that I have a wonderfully full pantry, stocks and sauces in my chest freezer and that there are lessons to be learned through articles like these … you can eat a healthy diet and you do not need to spend a lot of money. It just takes knowledge and some planning.

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