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Every once in awhile, the dearth of common sense makes me want to bash my head against immobile objects. Like walls, my desk, doors … you get the picture.

Today’s “duh” moment came courtesy of a blog that I read on a regular basis – it belongs to Chef Marcus Samuelsson – one of the best things to come out of Sweden, after Alexander Skarsgard, his father and Ikea. One of today’s topics is how the USDA is taking on the common, humble potato. Basically – how foods such as potatoes and grains are contributing to childhood obesity.

Well sure … if your consumption of potatoes is limited to French fries or Ree Drummond’s excellent recipe for mashed potatoes, you’re going to be carrying extra weight. But in its purest form, potatoes are a wonderful frugal food. I bought some HUGE Yukon golds at the food co-op the other day and even at just shy of a dollar per pound, I used one potato in a soup that fed us for two meals, plus leftovers. The other potato was baked, but then split in half and consumed later because of its size.

Today’s blog post may be found here. I’m going to go take my German/Irish/Norwegian sensibilities and make it a point to eat spuds at some point today.

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1 thought on “REALLY????

  1. Don’t forget the sweet potato, which is at least marginally better on the glycemic/carb scale, and also is very yummy 🙂

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