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What’s your vision?

“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra

After I transitioned from working in an office environment to working at home, I decided to join Rotary International. I had previous exposure to Rotary when I lived up in Northfield and I like their motto: “Service Above Self.” I was also looking for a networking opportunity and – barring anything else – my Tuesday AM meeting guarantees at least one shower/outing per week. (Kidding … kind of.)

My club recently hosted a “vision session” where club members took a few hours and participated in a moderated discussion in which we envisioned where our club would be in five years. We were told to dream big and I found myself wondering how this concept applies to everyday life.

I don’t have much of an ultimate game plan when it comes to life and in my 30+ years on this planet, I’ve found this to be blessing and a curse. A blessing because when life throws its inevitable curve balls, I’m good at ducking and fielding. That and my overall sense of self is not easily derailed.

This lack of a game plan is a bit of a curse because my lack of focus results my disjointed approach to things results in a little bit of chaos (at best) or unfocused apathy where I don’t get a damn thing of consequence done (worst.)

But there’s a bright spot in all of this and a little bit of thought on my part has helped me cobble a bit of “vision” in my life. Figuring what I am “about” so-to-speak is helping me make some choices in life. It’s providing focus on the things I want to divide my time and talent to. For instance, last year, I was the co-chair of a marketing committee for a fundraising event in my community. Although it was a great experience (and hey – looks good on the ol’ CV), I got roped into it through a co-worker I couldn’t really say no to. Again – great experience, but it sucked a lot of time and energy from me. This year, I declined to co-chair, but offered my assistance if needed. To be honest – I wasn’t too disappointed when I wasn’t called to assist with this year’s effort.

Why did I say no? Well – the cause was great and worthy, but it’s not something that I truly am passionate about. After giving some thought regarding the causes that I feel passionate about and connected to, it’s helped me clarify what I want to devote my energy to. (For those who are interested: Literacy, mentoring, Alzheimer’s research and Lou Gehrig’s/ALS research and being an advocate for gay rights.)

Now I’m turning my attention to my professional life and the relationships I’m cultivating in my personal life. Where do I want to be in five years professionally? How will I continue to nurture my friendships and how I interact with my family? Where will my husband and I be financially in five years? What steps do we need to take to make sure we’re hitting our goals and planning for a future that is beyond 2016?

Do you need a “vision statement?” My vision statement is still a work in progress, but it’s helping me plot out the here and now. I think there are benefits to that too …

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