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So long, farewell Netflix

Well, I did it … I finally cancelled my Netflix membership.

No – it really has nothing to do with the price increase. I detailed some of my thoughts about Netflix’s price hike here.

My decision has a lot to do with something I reference in that article I wrote in late July … that DVD that I referenced having since June? Up until I hit the “cancel” button on my account, it was still unopened and sitting on top of my DVD player.

When I lived alone and did not have cable, Netflix was a lifeline … I had the plan where I got two discs at a time and watched them quickly and religiously, burning through TV shows like “The West Wing.” Now that I’m married, have cable and have the attention span of a gnat – well, it’s feast or famine. I’ll stream entire seasons of TV shows that I missed out on. And then, life gets busy and I do other things – like become obsessed with the books of Diana Gabaldon or actually reading George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” instead of watching it on HBO.

So I was a wee bit sad when I hit the cancel button today (I PDF’d my queues so I can see what all I had in there), but between redbox, Hulu and the public library – I think that I’m going to be happier with the extra $16 I’m going to be pocketing per month and less upset about saying goodbye to an old friend.

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