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5 Ways to Save Money when Going to a Concert

By David Treehouse

While I love to go to concerts like Willy Mason, I usually have two problems that both deal with money. The first is that ticket prices can be expensive. The second is that once at a concert, I can end up spending a whole lot more money that I intended which ultimately results in me being able to attend far fewer concerts than if I didn’t spend a whole lot. These are some of the ways that I try to save money when i go to a concert:

Don’t Buy Alcohol

The price of alcohol at most venues is incredibly overpriced. Why would you want to pay $8 for a cup of beer that normally costs $3? Venues make a lot of their money off alcohol, and while it can be fun to drink at an event, sometimes it’s not worth spending the money. After all, you’re there to enjoy the music, not get drunk. If you do want to drink, bring your own and tailgate in the parking lot before the show where you will get a lot more for your money.

Don’t Buy Merchandise

Artists usually have merchandise they’ll try to sell before, during, and after the show. A lot of this merchandise is expensive since it’s an additional way for the artist to make money. But do you really need to spend $30 on a band t-shirt? If you really want it, there’s a good chance you can find it online for at least half the price.

Don’t Buy Food at the Venue

Like alcohol, venues usually over price their food selection. Why pay $5 for a hot dog or pretzel? Do you really need to eat during the concert? If the venue doesn’t allow you to bring your own food, eat a big meal before going. If your stomach is full you’re less likely to be hungry during the concert, which means you can avoid spending money on the venue’s food selection.

Park Away from the Venue

Have you ever tried to park at the venue and encountered a $20 parking fee? Of course, parking does vary by location, so not all venues will charge you to park. But for those that do, you should either carpool with a group of people or try to find an alternate way of getting there. Park a couple blocks away and walk to the venue or take public transportation. There’s no need to shell out an extra $20 for parking if you have other ways of getting to the concert. Parking is just one more unneeded fee you should try to avoid.

Go with a Budget

If you’re worried about spending too much money at a concert, attend the concert with a set budget in your mind. If you decide you can only spend $50 on merchandise and food, then only spend $50. It’s easy to spend a lot of money at concerts without realizing it, but then you’ll suffer the consequences later when you look at your bank account or receive your credit card statement.

I’m not always successful in doing these money saving tips when at a concert, but I am getting better and do follow through most of the time. I’ve simply realized that the more I can save at the concerts I do go to, the more concerts overall I will be able to see. With that being the main goal, I have the motivation to save money when and where I can.

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