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It’s beginning to look a lot like a new year

I may be ridiculous, but there’s something magical to me about the week between Christmas and a New Year. It’s a quiet week at work, the stress of the holiday has ratcheted down and I can take a few quiet moments to revel in the optimism of the upcoming new year. Will I finish my novel? Will my husband and I become parents? How should I focus my energies when it comes to volunteering – last year I volunteered for … Continue reading

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Still here (And belated holiday wishes)

I wish that I could tell you that my absence has been due to something glamorous like alien abduction or a really awesome vacation somewhere where I did not have email or Internet access. But no – I’ve been around, I’ve just been crazy busy with holiday madness! I’m looking forward to detoxing from all of the rich holiday food that I’ve ingested over the past couple of weeks (we had a three-day potluck at work that was ridiculously decadent … Continue reading

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No such thing as cheap …

The snow started falling in our neighborhood on Friday evening and it didn’t stop until sometime last night, leaving us with 16 inches of snow. Although it’s an inconvenience, there’s been something nice about being forceably confined to home. Half of my Christmas baking is done, I slept until 9 this morning and now I’m looking at cell phone plans, because that’s something that I’ve put off forever. And here’s what I’m coming up with – there’s no such thing … Continue reading

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Adventures in home haircutting

Let me go on record as saying this first: When it comes to my hair and haircuts, if I could, I would totally shave my head. But since I really can’t do that, I’ve now settled on the next best thing – shaving my husband’s head. On Sunday, I purchased one of those Wahl hair trimmers for $26 at Walmart. Buying one of those has been something that Hubby and I have gone back and forth about – yeah, it’s … Continue reading

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Giddy as a kid again …

When I first quit journalism in 2007 and moved down to my current town to be closer to my then-boyfriend/would-be husband, I wrote the editor of one of the community’s niche magazines and offered my services as a freelance writer. I sent a couple decent articles that showed a glimmer of hope as a magazine writer (I am a former cops and courts reporter – I used to believe in two mantras: Don’t say something in 10 words that can … Continue reading

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Good deal or a crock?

Wondering what your guys’ input is … This is something that I saw last year from several restaurants, but now I’m seeing this at one of my grocery stores, so I’m taking notice … if you buy x-amount of gift cards, you will get x-amount free. (Typically these deals run $10 gift card for every $50 you spend in gift cards or $20 for spending $100.) Is this a good deal or is this a crock? I’ve seen these gift … Continue reading

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Reminders of the past

I’m not sure if this was something that was worthy of celebration, but in all of the busyness of fall, I realized the other day that I had passed the one-year anniversary of getting my credit card debt paid off. And while this certainly warrants a “woo hoo!”, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I only realized this because I was cleaning up our basement for some company and I found old credit card statements from 2008. One year … Continue reading

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Some shopping I can support

One of my best friends from college owns an independent bookstore in the Twin Cities. And although it’s not always the cheapest route of action, I really try to support him by buying my books from him. I have nothing against, Barnes & Noble or any of the other outlets I used to buy my books from (and let me be frank, there are times when I still buy stuff from the chain stores), but shopping local is meaningful … Continue reading

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Wishing everyone good things …

This night is a particularly good one … it’s a Wednesday that feels like a Friday. As we are wont to do on nights when we don’t have to get up early for work in the morning, my husband (or I) brew a pot of coffee and we sit in front of our computers, catching up on emails (me), playing computer games (him), chattering about things – usually picking on each other about one thing or another. Our lives are … Continue reading

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A holiday freebie

When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have the majority of my family members at hand for the holidays. I didn’t have to worry about lines at the post office, packaging gifts or hoping to hit shipping deadlines. Ever since college, that has changed as friends who have become family to me have moved throughout the country and now that I have actual family members who live across the country – I have to ship things. With … Continue reading

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