Do Short Term Loans Ever Make Sense? 5 Times it Actually Does

Short term loans tend to get a bad rap, yet the truth is when borrowed responsibly, a short-term loan could be the life preserver you need. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need a lump sum of cash in a short period of time and unless you have stellar credit or collateral, obtaining a traditional loan is unlikely. Short term loans then offer a fast solution to many of life’s circumstances such as those listed below: What … Continue reading

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Quick Decision Loans: What You Need to Know

It could be for any reason, for example a large bill or a desperate need for a new car, but there might come a time that you need a sum of money quickly. A quick decision loan is an option available to most people, but before you sign up what is there to understand? What is it? An unsecured term loan will get you the money you need with a shorter paying back period than most secured loans. You can … Continue reading

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Car Insurance in South Africa

Every person owning a car would be familiar with the process of hunting for the right kind of insurance coverage for his car. After all, car is one of the most expensive possessions and its regular usage makes it even more important to get the right cover for your car. Insurance cover is taken so that all the risks related to the car are transferred to the insurer and the insured does not have to worry a bit about any … Continue reading

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Insurance Savings for Not-for-Profit Members

When you’re digging your way out of debt, there are, essentially, only two variables to consider; increasing your income and decreasing your spending. If you’ve already made moves to try to do one or both of these things, you’ll already be aware of just how much the really small things can help get you on the right side of the debt tipping point. Charles Dickens expressed this best in his great novel of 1850, “David Copperfield” in which one of … Continue reading

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Want More Money for Your Motor? Downsize

By Jessica Jackson Perceived wisdom states that being a car lover is an expensive curse. The hard economic truth of it is that if you own a large, powerful or heavy car, especially a ‘luxury marque’, you will feel the pinch when it comes to a trip to the fuel pumps or to the garage for a service. There is, however, a way to lighten the load, rather than your wallet: Downsizing. It’s almost a dirty word to a motor … Continue reading

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DIY Approach to Reducing Debt

By Lorena Benchis DIY approach to reducing debt Having outstanding debts is not usually a comfortable position to be in and the greater the debt that you owe, the worse it makes you feel. Debt is often the cause of anxiety and sleepless nights and can lead to depression. The worst thing you can do about debt is nothing. The ostrich mentality where you bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening isn’t going to help matters, … Continue reading

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Five Alternatives to Bank Loans

By David Treehouse If you are looking to raise some money for a specific reason, the usual course of action is to take out a bank loan. The process for getting bank loans isn’t complicated, but you will need to have assets in your name and a fairly good credit score to be able to obtain one. For those that can qualify for one, this is often the best way to get a loan to fund whatever project you have … Continue reading

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Is It Wise To Consolidate Debts?

By Celia Roche If you’ve found your way to this website because you’re doing everything you can to free yourself from debt – then you aren’t alone. It seems that in these post-boom times, the whole world is trying to get itself out of debt before — no doubt — the whole merry-go-round stars turning again. But at least by the next time the world is feeling confident enough to borrow to finance an overly lavish lifestyle, you’ll have learned … Continue reading

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Unusual Ways Your Credit Score Matters

By David Treehouse There is a reason why people want a good credit score. Most people realize that a good credit score will allow them to obtain credit cards with better interest rates than when they have a lower credit score. They also know that when they are looking for home loans or car loans, they will qualify for better interest rates if they have a better credit score. These reasons alone make it important for most people to keep … Continue reading

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Reduce Debt and Save Money with a Prepaid Credit Card

In certain circumstances payments just have to be made with a credit card; nothing else will do. However, there are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to have a credit card: they might not want the temptation to spend money they don’t have for example, or they could find it difficult to keep track of what they’re spending. On the other hand, some people may not even be able to obtain a credit card if they have a … Continue reading

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